Croatia is a country with a long tourist tradition. It offers a fantastic landscape and the highest sea quality ,in addition to that it is known for its original Mediterranean flair and the hospitality of its residents. Welcomed target groups in Croatia are families and young people, who have a lot of possibilities to experience the Croatian nightlife.

Trip possibiliies nearby

National Park Krka: The highlight of this nature park is the big waterfall, but there are also a lot of other nice attractions for example the countless lakes, islands, hiking trails and the diverse flora and fauna. If you want to enjoy the Dalmatian nature you can take part in one of the boat trips and let yourself be rocked of the most beautiful corners of the park.

Nationalpark Kornati: The Kornati Islands represent the most dense group of islands in the Mediterranean sea. Since 1980 the national park is under strict conservation of nature. The national park consits of 89 islands, islets and rocks. The largest island is called Kornat. Excursions to the Kornati can be booked from Murter.

Sibenik: The medieval, proud city of King Krešimir "Sibenik" is, besides Zadar, one of the largest metropolises in the north of the Dalmatian region. It offers numerous museums, art galleries and historical sights, such as the St. Anna fortress, which is located above Sibenik also known as the Mihovil castle by the local people. In the center of the old town you can find numerous churches, monasteries and palaces - the magical cultural heritage of a thousand-year and important history. One of these historical buildings is the cathedral of St. Jakobs, the 100-year construction period is proof of the importance of faith to the inhabitants of Sibenik. The cathedral belongs to the list of world cultural heritage of the UNESCO.

Kanal "Svetog Ante" Promenade: The Channel of St. Anton close to Sibenik is one of the most beautiful areas on the Adriatic coast and the most splendid sea entrance to the city. Beside the beauty of nature, which immediately catch your eye and the beautiful panorama view on Sibenik, the Sibenik archipelago and the fortress of St. Nikola, there are numerous cultural sights and natural treasures.